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Onycosolve – Against fungal infections of toenails and feet

OnycosolveWhat can Onycosolve be used for?

The product is used for fungal infections of the toenails or the skin of the feet, whereby the cause of the infection with fungi is insignificant.

The natural active ingredients of the product are designed to eliminate fungi, but also to strengthen and renew the affected tissue and nails.

The application of the product is very simple and it’s effectiveness lasts for up to 12 months after the treatment has finished. The product Onycosolve  can be recommended to all people suffering from a nail fungus infection.

How do you recognize fungal infections?

fungal infectionsWith regular foot care and nail care, whereby the nail hygiene is also very important, you recognize a fungal disease very easily. When foot care and nail care are performed regularly, changes in the nail and foot can be detected very fast. Athlete’s foot slowly spreads from the front edge of the nail over the entire nail surface and changes the structure of the toenails. The very important keratin is dissolved and there are small hollows with air bubbles are formed. They are recognizable as white spots or stripes. The affected nail turns white to yellowish-brown and becomes progressively thicker.

As the disease progresses, the nail can completely detach from the nail bed.

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What is a fungal infection of the feet and toenails?

foot and nail fungusThe causes of foot and nail fungus can vary. However, if a member of your family is already infected with nail fungus or athlete’s foot, you can easily get infected. The fungal spores even spread through the air, but the most common areas for infections are saunas and swimming pools. Certain factors such as overweight, varicose veins or a weak immune system, can also increase the chance to infect yourself with athlete’s foot. The intake of antibiotics can furthermore lead to fungal or nail fungus. Synthetic stockings or socks and synthetic shoes also favor the occurrence of fungi, as your feet sweat a lot in these fabrics and the warm moisture of sweat is beneficial for the growth of fungus.

Especially seniors are at a high risk of fungal infection, because their tissue is no longer well supplied with blood and the vessels calcify with increasing age. Even diabetics are very vulnerable, since they suffer from a weakened immune system, their blood circulation in the feet is usually impaired, and their tissue is often more sensitive to injury. Even the smallest injuries can be an entry point for fungal spores. In general, it can be said that people with circulatory disorders are at a much higher risk for infections.

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In the case of athlete’s foot we can distinguish between Trichophyton and Microsporum fungi. They cause an infection by penetrating deep into your skin layers. Severe itching and pain are very common symptoms, because the outer skin gets very irritated.

The structure of the toenails is destroyed, because the fungus is attacking its protective barrier and destroying the keratin in the process, which is very important for the toenails.

Onycosolve Spray is a very effective remedy in this case. The natural active ingredients have a disinfecting, antibacterial and antiviral effect. In addition, inflammation is prevented and the skin of the feet as wells as the nails receive sufficient nutrients and protection.

Onycosolve SprayFoot or nail fungus is usually treated with antibiotic pills or antibiotic creams. However, these only treat the symptoms of the fungal infection, but not the effects. Because of this, the disease does not disappear, but returns and usually worse than before. Often the nail needs to be removed, which is a very painful procedure and in most cases, the nail willy not grow normally anymore. In addition, due to the use of creams, the nails and the skin of the feet are heavily strained and damaged. In the long term, the treatment of nail fungus in this way is therefore unsuccessful. However, this is different with the Onycosolve effect. The itching stops already after a short use of the product. The fight against the fungi is consistent and they are killed after a short period of time. The skin feet and the nails can finally relax and regenerate.

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Preventive measures against fungal infections

Preventive measures against fungal infectionsWith the following tips, you can reduce the risk of foot and nail fungus:

• Never walk barefoot in saunas or swimming pools.
• Wash your bath mats and towels always with very hot water.
• Wear only suitable shoes made of breathable material.
• Take off your sneakers immediately after exercise to avoid foot perspiration.
• Let air on your skin surface.
• Wear fresh socks every day made from natural materials.
• Perform a pedicure and nail care regularly, and pay attention to your nail hygiene.
• Have your blood sugar levels checked from time to time.
• Wear a different pair of shoes every day, so that the shoes from the day before, can dry thoroughly.

What are the Onycosolve effects?

Onycosolve effectFor affected persons, it is especially important that the Onycosolve application restricts the annoying itching after just a few days.

The perspiration of the feet is also quickly reduced and the fungi is deprived of its breeding ground. Because of this, the fungus can not spread as fast and finally disappears completely. The skin of the feet can relax and recover. Tears disappear and the skin of the feet becomes more resistant to new fungal attacks.

Due to the Onycolsove application, the chances of a new fungal infection are extremely low.

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The onycolsolve effect can be summarized as follows:

• The itching is relieved and eventually disappears.

• The feet do not sweat as much anymore.

• The healing of the foot skin is promoted and accelerated.

Onycosolve reviews show that the product quickly unfolds its healing properties and that the nail fungus is very effectively treated. The annoying itching disappears and the skin of the foot can renew itself. The product has an efficacy of up to 12 months after finishing the treatment.

Onycosolve ingredients

The ingredients of the product are purely plant based and very effective in fighting athlete’s foot and nail fungus, but also in eliminating it permanently.

Onycosolve ingredientsThere are also studies, that have scientifically proven the effectiveness of the ingredients. The most important Onycosolve ingredients are:

Oak bark extract

Oak bark extract contains many tannins that have astringent effects on the skin of the feet. They affect the proteins in the skin by changing their structure. The upper layers of skin become firmer and more resistant. Skin tears and minor wounds are disinfected by the oak bark extract and heal faster. The tannins seal smaller blood vessels and thereby stop bleeding. In addition, the tannins prevent the feet from sweating and weaken the nerve impulses in the skin, reducing the unpleasant tingling sensation. The unpleasant smell caused by sweat and the fungal disease also disappears. In summary, oak bark extract has an antipruritic, antiviral and disinfectant effect.

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Medicinal angelica

Medicinal angelica contains ethereal oils, tannins and bitter substances. These are effective against infections caused by bacteria and against fungal infections. The angelica serves as a revitalisation for the body. Applied externally, it also relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. In summary, medicinal angelica has an antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

True Sage

True Sage contains mainly essential oils, which prevent an increase of pathogens. The leaves contain tannic acid, which contract the mucous membrane and prevent the intrusion of viruses and bacteria. They also soothe irritations in the surface area of the mucous membranes and make small wounds close better. As the essential oils penetrate deep into the skin, it is nourished and supplied with moisture. Skin scales disappear, skin tears are healed, the skin becomes smooth and looks healthier. The essential oils and tannins also prevent heavy sweating. In summary, true sage has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin nourishing properties.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

From a scientific point of view, tea tree oil is considered an antimycotic. It has been scientifically proven that tea tree oil slows down the growth of certain fungi species, including nail fungus. Tea tree oil as an antimycotic attacks the fungal cells and destroys the membranes. The skin is also supported by the tea tree oil in the fight against fungi. The skin is allowed to recover and then defend itself against a new infection. In summary, tea tree oil has antibacterial, fungal-killing and antiseptic properties.

Application and dosage of Onycosolve

Since the product is a spray, its application is relatively simple. First, the affected foot needs to be washed thoroughly and then dried well. Then Onycolsolve is sprayed on the foot until a thin film is formed, which needs to be gently massaged. The product already begins to show first effects during the massage. After a short time the itching will stop and the bad smell also disappears.

Onycosolve Application and dosageIf you continue to use the product, the positive effects will increase even more.

The nail structure becomes firmer, the soles of the feet become drier and the bad smell completely disappears.

After further uses of the product, the positive effects are more and more visible. The nail structure gets more density, the soles of the feet are drier and the unpleasant smell disappears. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may need to continue the treatment for several days, weeks or months. The treatment should be stopped only when the fungi have completely disappeared. The product should be used at least two to three times a day, preferably in the morning and evening, for at least four weeks.

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If the infection has improved after four weeks, the use of the product can be reduced to once a day. You should definitely replace the towel after every use and wash the towels at high temperature to avoid new infections. Depending on the severity of the infection, the treatment may need to be continued for several days, weeks or months.

Onycosolve Advantages


• The ingredients of Onycosolve are purely herbal.
• The use of the product makes a treatment with antibiotics or nail removal unnecessary.
• The remedy should start to show first effects not later than two weeks after the start of the application.

Onycosolve has a long lasting effect and prevents renewed fungal infections for up to 12 months after the last treatment. In 2013 a test was conducted in Toronto, Canada, that confirmed the efficacy of Onycosolve. Most of the test subjects have given positive reviews about Onycosolve and even dermatologists recommend the product.

Onycosolve side effects

What about Onycosolve side effects? The spray is only used externally, so there are no known side effects or drug interactions with Onycosolve. However, if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, the product should not be used.

Where can I buy Onycosolve and what is the price?

You can order Onycosolve online or directly from the manufacturer’s website. The safest option is to order Onycosolve from the manufacturer, because then you can be sure to receive the original product. The manufacturer constantly offers new special offers for the product as well.

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At the moment, a spray bottle of the product costs 39 euros. When ordering two bottles of Onycosolve, you often get a free bottle and pay only 57 euros. In addition, if you buy three bottles, you will often receive special offers and you get several bottles for free. However, since Onycosolve is purely herbal, your health insurance may not cover the costs of the product.

Why is Onycosolve so popular?

Why is Onycosolve so popular?The product Onycosolve has been tested in many different studies and many users have already reported their Onycosolve experiences. These have been consistently positive and it appears that with this agent, the manufacturer has genuinely found an effective way to not only combat foot and nail fungus, but also its unpleasant side effects, such as foot perspiration and itching.

The product is made from all-natural materials and manufactured according to international GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

The Onycosolve active ingredients, such as oak bark extract, medicine angelica, pure sage and tea tree oil, have a disinfecting effect, calm the itching, prevent inflammation and kill the athlete’s foot. The perspiration of the feet is also reduced and the fungus is deprived of moisture, which is extremely important for its growth. The infected skin can finally relax and renew.

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The product in spray form effectively combats the infection caused by the fungi and eliminates them after a short time. As a spray, the product is very easy to use, because the feet need only to be cleaned well before use and then dried. After that, the remedy is sprayed on the affected areas, rubbed in a little and can then develop its effectiveness.

The protective function of the skin is not impaired by this product, but rather supported. The skin of the feet and nails are supplied with the necessary moisture by the Onycosolve active ingredients.

For many people, who have already tried some other remedies, this product was the only remedy that really helped quickly and effectively against athlete’s foot. There are many positive onycosolve reviews and recommendations.

Are there already any Onycosolve reviews?

In 2013, a test of the product was conducted in Toronto, which included men and women between the age of 25 to 78. After two and a half weeks, the test subjects noticed significant improvements. 98 percent of the subjects reported an improvement regarding the annoying tingling sensation, while in 87 percent of the subjects the foot stopped sweating. Furthermore, 86 percent of the subjects reported a healing of skin scales and tears. After another two weeks, the fungal parasites had disappeared in 100 percent of the test subjects. None of the subjects had any side effects. After the end of the treatment, the efficacy of the product continued for another 12 months.

The subjects said that they would buy Onycosolve themselves and would recommend it. Even a dermatologist who has been working for over 14 years in the profession, has prescribed this product to more than 70 of her patients. After using the product, 67 of the 70 patients noticed a clear improvement after a short time. They reported a disappearance of the tingling sensation, but also an effective and long-lasting elimination of the unpleasant fungi.

You can find many experience reviews of Onycosolve on the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a statement from these reviews: Carolin Häffner from Bamberg writes that she has been dealing with a fungal infection for a year now. Medical products such as pills, ointments and creams didn’t provide any relief, but with Onycosolve her fungi problem was already done after two weeks. She remained free from fungal infections for five months after the treatment.

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Onycosolve SprayDorothee Kaufmann from Lübeck has been using the product Onycosolve for two months and can report an improvement. Her nail bed is free from fungus and the bad smell is also gone. She is very satisfied with the product.

Stefan Gerber from Berlin had no success with herbs and even the dermatologist couldn’t help him. After using Onycosolve the itching disappeared on the first day, the skin scales and skin tears disappeared after three days, and after two weeks the fungus disappeared completely. Currently he has not experienced a new fungal infection for over one and a half years.

Even on many other websites one can find reviews of Onycosolve with positive results. Most of these reviews say that Onycosolve is very compatible and easy to use. The remedy is mainly praised for its herbal ingredients and their effectiveness.


Onycosolve is made of purely natural, herbal ingredients and it is a well tolerated product. Due to its spray form, the application and dosage are very simple and judging by the customer reviews also very promising.

The tingling sensation is quickly relieved, while your skin layers and toenails are moisturized and supplied with nutrients at the same time. The fungal infection is contained by Onycosolve and finally completely eliminated. The nails and the affected areas of the skin recover and renew themselves very quickly. And best of all, the effectiveness lasts up to 12 months after finishing the treatment. For these reasons Onycosolve can only be recommended.

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